Monday, August 8, 2011

30 Minutes or Less based on true story

You might have seen a commercial for the comedy 30 Minutes or Less. The R-rated comedy stars Jesse Eisenberg as a pizza delivery guy who is grabbed by two criminals. They strap a bomb on him and force him to rob a bank. Now the family of Brian Wells is coming out and saying that they film is based off of him.

Back in 2003, a pizza delivery man named Brian Wells had a bomb strapped to his neck and was forced to rob a bank. He was captured by police and surrounded. He tried to explain that the bomb was around his neck but the bomb squad was too late and it exploded killing Wells.

While Eisenberg probably won't die at the end people are still upset. Director Ruben Fleischer and the stars said that they had no knowledge of the case until now. The screenwriters claim to have "some" knowledge of the events. Fleischer said in an interview that besides the bomb thing, the movie does not go into what really happened in the Wells case.

In 2007, it was determined in court that Wells was involved in the planning of the event. Still, lots of people on Twitter have vowed not to see the film because of the Wells connection. I can't see the film, because it's R, but I would if I could. The Wells case does not make me not want to see this movie. My question is: If you could, would you? Comment below and give me your answer.

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