Friday, October 28, 2011

In Time review

In Time is the latest action thriller from director Andrew Niccol, who has done numerous sci-fi thrillers in the past. The story is set in the near future, the year 2025. People stop aging at 25, and must earn the rest of their life. The rich can live forever. Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) is 28 (in real time). He lives in the ghetto, and works and lives day by day. Him and his mom (Olivia Wilde), live day-by-day to survive. He goes to the bar with his friend (Johnny Galecki) and meets Henry Hamilton (Matt Bomer), a guy from the richest time zone. He is targeted by a gang led by Fortis (Alex Pettyfer), but Will gets him away just in time. Hamilton explains the system to Salas and then gives him all his time so that he can die. Will moves to the richest zone and meets Sylvia and Phillipe Weis (Amanda Seyfried and Vincent Kartheiser). When Timekeeper Raymond Leon (Cillian Murphy) learns of Hamilton's death, he quickly targets Salas. Salas kidnaps Sylvia and tries to overthrow the system by essentially being Robin Hood and giving to the poor.

This movie has a lot of stars, but only a few shine. Timberlake and Seyfried are surprisingly flat for the lead actors. Their romance is forced and takes up time that could be used for better reasons. Olivia Wilde and Johnny Galecki are pretty big stars but the film cant find anything for them to do. The best performances come from Murphy, Pettyfer, and Kartheiser. The movie uses too much time to deal with the relationship to realize that the most dynamic characters have smaller roles. Basically, the film is flat with Timberlake and Seyfried but comes alive with Kartheiser and the villians.

The film has an excellent first act. But around the time Salas and Sylvia start running from Leon it starts to get boring. The film has too much romantic tension and could use a bit more action and drama. The film springs back to life in the third act with lots of action and good drama.

Excuse the time puns in the following paragraph. In Time is not a waste of time, its a pretty solid movie. But some poor execution in the middle makes for a movie that's worth seeing but not the intense cat and mouse thriller it should be.

THE FINAL GRADE:  C                                            (5.7/10)