Monday, March 19, 2012

Second opinion on TinTin

I read Josh's review of TinTin and I assumed he knew what he was talking about. I assumed that the movie was a bad one. But now that I have seen it for myself I am questioning Josh's sanity. This movie was AMAZING! The graphics were great, the plot was funny, and the characters believable. The movie stays true to the great comic. It is another great hit from Stephen Spielberg. He even makes a surprise appearance in the film as a King. TinTin combines the great action of comic books with the adventure of Indiana Jones. Some things may not be believable. For instance a 20 year old owning his own apartment and a gun. Also how would a young kid become a journalist? But these small flaws do not take away at all from the movie. It is a great movie and one of my favorites of the year. Of course I have not seen the Hunger Games yet so whether TinTin will stay on top is yet to be seen. Overall I give TinTin a 95%. It's a great movie. It is a grand slam of a movie.

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  1. idk i saw MI4 and Tintin back to back so maybe i was tired....ill watch it again sometime.