Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Avengers smashes more records with $103 million 2nd weekend and $1B worldwide gross

The Avengers has destroyed even more records. The superhero flick which grossed $207 million in its 3-day opening, became the first film to gross more than $100 million in its 2nd weekend. The previous record holder, James Cameron's Avatar, was out grossed by nearly $28 million. The Avengers also broke the $1B worldwide barrier, and is now the 11th highest grossing movie of all time, passing The Dark Knight. The film could climb to #4 by Wednesday or Thursday. Back in the US, The Avengers has grossed $373 million and is the 18th highest grossing movie ever. The Avengers reached that total in 10 days, compared to The Dark Knight's 14 days. The Avengers has almost broken every record in the book, except the all time highest grossing movie ever title (but it could happen). The question is now: how high will it go?

$400 million is a lock at this point. By this Friday, the film will have passed $400 million and will probably get to $410. Next weekend comes the first competition for The Avengers (Dark Shadows notwithstanding) in the form of Battleship, The Dictator and What To Expect When You're Expecting. Battleship is the only real competition as the others have different audiences. Battleship has already made $200 million overseas and I think an opening of $50 million maximum is reasonable. But The Avengers should still take the crown with around $55 million. By the end of Memorial Day weekend the film will have crossed $500 million, but will finally lose the crown to Men In Black 3. My final prediction for The Avengers is a worldwide gross of $1.45 billion and a domestic gross of $585 million.

In other box office news, Dark Shadows grossed an underwhelming $28.8 million, and The Hunger Games is now at $386.9 million.

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