Monday, May 28, 2012

MIB3, Avengers lead disappointing Memorial Day weekend

MIB3 won the four day box office this weekend with a total of around $70 million. The film's three-day total was $55 million, which beat out the other films in the franchise when not adjusted for ticket inflation or 3D prices. Most industry analysts projected around $90 million for the long weekend, but the film fell short. The numbers are a bit disappointing considering the large budget which likely skyrocketed past $300 million and up to $375 million. The international numbers came in strong with $132 million for a worldwide total of $202 million. The film is going to need really strong numbers to break even with its massive budget. The Avengers placed second with $36.8 million over the three day weekend and $46.8 over the four day period. That brings the film's grand total to $523 million. That is an astonishing number and the film should beat The Dark Knight in the next week and fly past $600 million. Battleship placed third with a four day weekend of $13.7 million. That brings the film to a grand total of $47 million, an extremely disappointing number. Battleship will have a hard time breaking even with its budget of $209 million plus. The Dictator finished fourth with $11.7 million over the long weekend. The raunchy comedy will need good international numbers and some more solid domestic numbers to make a profit. The Dictator has now made $43.6 million. Dark Shadows placed fifth with $9.4 million bringing its grand total to $64 million. The film could make up to $90 million by the end of its run. New release Chernobyl Diaries finished sixth with a disappointing $9.3 million. The film faced horrible reviews was not popular with audiences. Meanwhile, Moonrise Kingdom and The Intouchables did fantastic business in small releases with Moonrise Kingdom breaking the per theater average with $167,000.

Next weekend marks the release of Snow White and the Huntsman, a film that I am really looking forward to. How the film will perform at the box office is some question, but it should definitely do better than Mirror Mirror, the other Snow White movie that made $61 million. I think that Snow White and the Huntsman is going to benefit off of what I like to call "The Hunger Games factor". That means that the film has a lot of crossover appeal with women and men alike, one of the factors that made The Hunger Games so successful. Snow White and the Huntsman was also the most anticipated movie for women this summer according to Fandango and while the list of most anticipated movies for men did not include Huntsman, the trailers have shown enough action that should pull in male audiences. predicts that Snow White and the Huntsman will make $50 million this coming weekend. I'm going to be bold and say that Snow White and the Huntsman will make $65 million this coming weekend. Expect a drop of around 50% for MIB3 and a small drop for The Avengers.

1. Snow White and the Huntsman- $65 million
2. MIB3- $27 million
3. The Avengers- $19 million
4. The Dictator- $5.5 million
5. Battleship- $5 million

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