Sunday, June 10, 2012

'Madagascar 3', 'Prometheus' lead massive June weekend

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted and Ridley Scott's sci-fi thriller Prometheus led the box office this weekend. Dreamworks' Animation's threequel toppled Prometheus with $60.3 million. Prometheus wasn't far behind with a $50 million opening. While the opening for Madagascar 3 isn't spectacular, it's still above expectations (though not mine). The threequel broke the streak of animated sequels making considerably less than its predecessors. Two examples of this are Kung Fu Panda 2 which made $165 million compared to the $215 for the original, and Happy Feet Two which made $64 million compared to the $198 million the original made. Madagascar 3 benefited from the lack of animated movies in the marketplace (the last big animated film was Universal's The Lorax) along with an addictive "Afro Circus" themed marketing campaign. It ranks as the fifth largest Dreamworks animation release ever, according to studio estimates. Meanwhile, Prometheus didn't live up to some expectations with its $50 million debut, but it was still pretty good for an original, R-rated, sci-fi horror pic. Ridley Scott's epic ranks as the twelve largest opening for an R-rated film and had a good Friday. But there is some worry that the film won't hold well over the next few weeks, given that the film received a B cinemascore and has been the talk of much negative conversation (mostly involving the fact that the film doesn't give any answers to its questions). The film should still hold pretty well because there aren't many action blockbusters until late June.

Snow White and the Huntsman dropped to $23.02 million, which is off nearly 60% from last weekend. The film was the target of poor word of mouth and disappointed in its second weekend. MIB3 dipped to $13.5 million and raised its total to $135.5 million. The Avengers grossed another $10.8 million and raised its total to $571 million. The film could still reach $600 million. The Hunger Games finally crossed $400 million and Moonrise Kingdom finished in the top ten.

June 15-17 Predictions

Next week will be pretty big. Not because there's any huge releases coming out, but because there are about four films that could hit $30 million. Rock of Ages, the Tom Cruise starred musical, is receiving a ton of positive buzz and could become a big hit and I think if it has good word of mouth, it could have legs. I'm going to put it at a $35 million opening weekend. I think that it's not something that people are going to rush out and see, but it will still have a decent opening. That's My Boy is one of the rare Adam Sandler comedies that is rated R. The film is also opening on father's day weekend and Sandler is still a box office draw. Expect about $25 million for that film. Madagascar 3 should drop softly to around $35 million and Prometheus should fall a lot harder to about $23 million. The Avengers will make another $5 million and Snow White will make another $10 million.

1. Rock of Ages- $35.5 million
2. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted- $35 million
3. That's My Boy-$26 million
4. Prometheus- $23 million
5. Snow White and the Huntsman- $10 million
6. MIB3- $6.7 million
7. The Avengers- $5.5 million

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