Sunday, July 8, 2012

'The Amazing Spider-Man' tops box office wtih $65 million opening

Sony's tentpole The Amazing Spider-Man topped the box office this weekend with a $65 million Friday- Sunday opening. The film made around $140 million over its six-day opening which is extremely good. Other franchise reboots such as Batman Begins and X-Men: First Class opened to $98 million and $68 million adjusted for inflation over their first six days. Granted, neither of those films were on a holiday weekend, but it's safe to say that The Amazing Spider-Man is a modest hit. Ted finished in second place with another $32 million. That film has reached $120 million domestically and should finish with around $200 million. Brave finished in third place with a $20 million weekend. Pixar's fairy tale has now climbed to $174 million and will finish in the $220 million range. Oliver Stone's Savages opened to a solid debut of $16.1 million. The violent drama received a C+ Cinemascore, so the hopes of good word of mouth are dashed. Magic Mike added another $15 million and has now grossed $72 million. That film will fall short of the $100 million mark though, because of front loaded excitement. The other release this weekend, Katy Perry: Part of Me made $10.2 million over four days which is a disappointment. Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted became the highest grossing film in the franchise this weekend with $196 million. The film is still going strong and could reach $215 million. Moonrise Kingdom, To Rome With Love, and Beasts of the Southern Wild also performed well this weekend.

1. The Amazing Spider-Man- $65 million weekend, $140 million total
2. Ted- $32.5 million weekend, $120 million total
3. Brave- $20 million weekend, $174 million total
4. Savages- $16.1 million weekend
5. Magic Mike- $15.6 million weekend, $72 million total
6. Madea's Witness Protection- $10 million weekend, $45.8 million total
7. Madagascar 3- $7.7 million weekend, $196 million total
8. Katy Perry: Part of Me- $7.1 million weekend, $10.2 million total
9. Moonrise Kingdom- $4.6 million weekend, $26 million total
10. To Rome With Love- $3.5 million weekend, $5.6 million total

Next weekend is the weekend before The Dark Knight Rises comes out. Plain and simple. But there is still a big film next weekend, in the form of Ice Age: Continental Drift. The second installment opened to $68 million but the third installment only opened to $41 million. Now, the trick is that Ice Age 3 ended up becoming the highest grossing film in the franchise. People seemed to enjoy the third film and I think that there is some added goodwill to the franchise. But there were just two major kids films and I don't know if people are going to want a third kid movie right now. But I think that it will still open to $50 million. The Amazing Spider-Man won't drop too far and will probably make another $35 million. Ted will still perform strong but look for Savages to drop like a brick.

1. Ice Age: Continental Drift- $50 million
2. The Amazing Spider-Man- $35 million
3. Ted- $20 million
4. Brave- $10 million
5. Magic Mike- $8 million
6. Savages- $7.5 million
7. Madea's Witness Protection- $5 million
8. Katy Perry- $4 million
9. Madagascar 3- $3 million
10. Moonrise Kingdom- $2 million

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