Tuesday, October 23, 2012

James Cameron to direct "The Informationist" after Avatar trilogy

James Cameron recently stated that he was going to be doing nothing but Avatar movies. Well, apparently that has changed. Cameron, in addition to the long delayed Battle Angel movie, has now signed up for The Informationist, an adaptation for 20th Century Fox based on the 2011 book by Taylor Stevens.

The Informationist centers on Vanessa "Michael" Monroe, an information specialist who is tasked with finding the missing daughter of a Texas oil Billionaire, which causes Monroe to examine her own dark history and childhood. Cameron will likely not make this film for a while considering that he makes one movie every five to ten years and still has not made the two Avatar sequels he wants to. Cameron is not a great director in my mind, I think that his older work and Titanic are strong but the work he is most known for (Avatar) is a piece of junk. He makes visual masterpieces but recycles old stories. James Cameron will work with Jon Landau and Lightstorm for this film as well. Expect The Informationist to come out sometime after the Avatar sequels. Somewhere around 2018.

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