Saturday, October 20, 2012

Oscar Nominees Reviews: Juno (2007)

Juno isn't exactly my kind of film, which is sort of odd considering that I love Arrested Developement, a TV show that has several cast members that appear in Juno. But it just isn't a film that I enjoyed watching all that much. Not because it is not a good movie, it's funny and has a great script, it just did not provide the level of entertainment I expected.

Ellen Page is the title character. She has sex with her boyfriend Bleeker (Michael Cera) and then gets pregnant. She considers an abortion but a classmate persuades her otherwise. She then finds two adoptive parents (Jennifer Garner and Arrested Developement's Jason Bateman) who want a baby. She agrees to give them the child. After that a myriad of things happen throughout the story.

Juno plays with the characters too much. For example at the beginning of the story I thought that Vanessa (Jennifer Garner) was sort of an stubborn jerk while Mark (Bateman) was the nice and friendly one. Director Jason Reitman flips that towards the end and that just threw me off. I also didn't enjoy how fast the love story between Juno and Bleeker was put on at the end of the story. That was a questionable decision. Juno also features a weird indie soundtrack, which fits the movie but is not something that I liked.

Juno turns into a great emotional movie at the end. I think that I lot of the things that are kind of left hanging throughout the whole running time are tied together. Overall, I think that Juno is a solid film but it didn't give me everything that I wanted.


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