Wednesday, October 17, 2012

'Zero Dark Thirty', 'Hitchcock', 'Jack Reacher' and more premiere new trailers

The awards season is in full swing so the onslaught of trailers and clips for those films is now starting. One of the big awards season players that we have not seen much of, Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty has premiered a new trailer. Check it out.


The trailer puts the film at the top of the pack. The film looks like a knockout. The terrible first trailer made the film look like a Jason Bourne style thriller but now the film looks like it has the excitement, the thrills, and the emotions that make a great film. Really hoping for something great. Zero Dark Thirty opens December 19.


One of my favorite film directors is finally getting the biopic he deserves. Hitchcock looks pretty good, if not a bit formulaic. I think that a lot of the performances will be great and I hope that the film gives off a sort of old movie feel. I think that Hitchcock will be good. Right mixture of suspense (although everyone knows what happens in Psycho), humor and human drama. Hitchcock opens November 23.


Django definitely looks fun and all (I laughed out loud at Jonah Hill) but I think that Tarantino may just be juggling too many different things at once. The film looks funny but it also looks very serious. I hope they work together like in his previous films but I think that this one looks like it might be too much. Leonardo DiCaprio's performance is intriguing. It looks like he will be very funny and very angry all at once. Django Unchained opens Christmas Day.


Gangster Squad looks fantastic. I love the whole '40s noir style and the fact that it is set in Los Angeles during the glory days of Hollywood. While I do think it looks very good, I worry about it. After extensive reshoots because of the Aurora tragedy, Warner Bros. dumped the film in January. That is not a good sign. They either should bump it back farther to a better date or bring it forward to December where it compete for an Academy Award. Gangster Squad opens January 11.


Jack Reacher looks pretty good. I think that Tom Cruise might be a little stiff, but it looks to have a good amount of action and drama with a few light touches peppered throughout (the final minutes of the trailer are pure gold). In the end, I think that Jack Reacher will be a very interesting film, one that takes many styles and puts it all together.

Those trailers are just the beginning. There are certainly more to come including the trailer for Marvel's Iron Man 3 next week. Stay tuned.

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