Monday, November 5, 2012

Another Sign of the Apocalypse: WB considering Casablanca sequel

The perfect example of what is wrong with Hollywood, today the news broke that Hollywood is considering a sequel to one of the absolute greatest films of all time, 1942's Casablanca. A sequel to the 70 year old classic would find Rick Blaine's son traveling to Morocco to learn more about his father. The screenplay was written in the 1980's by the original Casablanca screenwriter Howard Koch. Apparently, Rick's actions have become legendary and his son wants to learn more about him. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is rumored to be a candidate.

Most people are shocked at the possibility of a Casablanca sequel. Even Humphrey Bogart's son is against the idea. I think that this is quite possibly the dumbest idea ever. Even worse than a remake of Casablanca. Now that's saying something. Hollywood is a weird place sometimes. They are always nostalgic and want to remember their heritage but with unnecessary remakes and sequels (1998's Psycho, anybody) they ruin the original films and seem to discourage people from seeing the originals. That is one of the greatest films ever, an example of Hollywood filmmaking at its peak.There are some films that you just do not touch. Sequels to any film such as Citizen Kane, Inception, Singin in the Rain, Lawrence of Arabia, Raging Bull, Gone With the Wind, etc. would all be bad ideas. Hopefully this never gets off the ground because this is one idea I am fully against.

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