Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Skyfall" to be the biggest Bond ever and win the weekend

This weekend will showcase the opening of Skyfall, the 23rd film in the James Bond saga. It will surely win the weekend by a huge margin. Skyfall actually opened today in select IMAX theaters but its official opening is today. Daniel Craig's third outing as James Bond is sure to be the biggest yet thanks to great reviews (93% on Rotten Tomatoes) and pent-up demand (there has not been a Bond film in four years). The great international numbers are highly encouraging and Skyfall seems poised to open higher than both Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale. Also, skeptics of Quantum of Solace are already behind Skyfall which means that its gross will be even bigger. Expect an $80 million + debut this weekend. On a side note, I cannot see the film this weekend so don't expect a review (I should have one by the17th). In second place, Wreck-It Ralph will maintain good momentum thanks to word of mouth and little competition. Expect a drop similar to the one Puss in Boots had last year and a $35 million second weekend gross. The Denzel Washington vehicle Flight should drop slightly and make about $17 million this weekend. The film has good word of mouth and it will drop more next weekend. Argo will have another short drop and make another $8 million. To round out the top 5, The Man with the Iron Fists will make about $4 million for a 50% drop.

1. Skyfall- $84 million
2. Wreck-It Ralph- $35 million
3. Flight- $17 million
4. Argo- $8.2 million
5. The Man with the Iron Fists- $4 million

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