Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Warm Bodies" trailer is funny, heartfelt- Trailer Scorecard

The trailer for Summit Entertainment's Warm Bodies has been released. The film stars Nicholas Hoult as a zombie named R who falls in love with a girl (Teresa Palmer) who is a leader in the fight against zombies. R then protects her and their star crossed romance can only end with a battle between the zombies and the humans. Also starring Dave Franco and John Malkovich. Here is the trailer link for Warm Bodies.

The trailer was not available on youtube yet so I had to link you to another site. Wow, Warm Bodies looks fantastic. Like I am genuinely shocked that this is not another sappy Twilight melodrama. This looks hilarious, action-packed and something that I think is going to be a big hit. The trailer features a lot of zombie violence which is good, I like action. But then I'm just shocked that it actually looks funny and that it looks good. It does look a little campy and stupid but who cares? I think that Summit may have struck gold with this one, a very broad zombie romance comedy.


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