Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Wreck-It Ralph" to top "Flight" this weekend

Disney's animated comedy Wreck-It Ralph is expected to win the box office this weekend. The $150 million dollar comedy will open modestly, with a likely total around $40-$50 million. That will be more than enough to top Robert Zemeckis' addiction drama Flight, which will open with around $10- $20 million. Wreck-It Ralph's projected opening is solid, but not spectacular. The advantage is that word of mouth is bound to be good, the film is broadly appealing and beyond Rise of the Guardians, there is little to no family animated films this Holiday season. So look for Wreck-It Ralph to hold well in the following weeks. In addition to Wreck-It Ralph, the adult drama Flight should also hold well. The drama is dark and won't open huge but just like Ben Affleck's Argo, this is a film that will make money over time and not all at once. However, the film is much darker than Affleck's thriller and in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, audiences may be looking for something much more light and fun. In addition to those two films, Argo will hold well for about $9 million and RZA's The Man with the Iron Fists will open to about $6 million.

1. Wreck-It Ralph- $45 million
2. Flight- $15 million
3. Argo- $9 million
4. The Man in the Iron Fists- $6 million
5. Hotel Transylvania- $5 million

On a sidenote, Hurricane Sandy will surely affect grosses, but only on the East Coast. I still think it will be a good weekend, but definitely not as high. We shouldn't really care anyways, it's box office grosses vs. a national tragedy. Thought and prayers go out to the victims.

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