Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Argo" wins DGA, seals up Oscar win

Well, that's all folks. One of the most exciting seasons in Oscar history has come winding down to a close. Why? Because last night, Argo took the award for Best Director at the Directors Guild of America Awards (DGA), which 90% of the time means that the film will go on to win Best Picture. Some people were holding on to hope for Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, and Life of Pi but the amounts of attention that Argo has gotten from the different guilds is just not something that those three films can overcome. They don't have enough support. But however, they do have support on the acting side, which I will address in a post later today.

Argo is going to win Best Picture. I think that it has been solidified. I can only see one scenario where the film doesn't take home the top prize. The Academy is made up of actors, writers, producers and directors. Argo has taken home the SAG award, the PGA award, and now the DGA award (the WGA hasn't happened yet). Those voters could feel that they have already given Affleck and Argo enough attention and vote for Lincoln or Silver Linings Playbook instead. But I doubt it. This year, the Academy is going to pick Argo. It just makes sense. 

I love Argo. It was the best film of 2012 that I saw and it is great filmmaking. And Argo's direction was fantastic. And from the beginning, I've been rooting for it to win and been picking it to win. But I'm kind of disappointed to see it win every single award from the get-go. I mean, this is one of the closest Oscars in years in all categories and I was hoping that it would come down to the wire in Best Picture but it won't. I'm happy Argo is winning everything and will likely win the Oscar. I just wish that Silver Linings Playbook had taken one too and then we have a race. The rest of the categories are so interesting still and anybody could take them. Look for an article later today. 

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