Friday, February 15, 2013

Jason Momoa could join Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt as lead

With Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy going into production in a few months, the casting list will be filling out rather quickly. Honestly, this ensemble is going to be big and it excites me to see that more actors and more characters are joining the epic Marvel universe. In case you didn't know, Chris Pratt joined the film as the lead role last week as Star-Lord, the main human character. Pratt can actually be seen in two films right now with a comedy flop in Movie 43 and a serious drama in Zero Dark Thirty. Unlike when any other superhero story comes to the big screen, this time I am completely unfamiliar with the comic book source material so I don't know if Pratt is a good fit for the role. But his ability to be in comedies and dramas at the same time excites me for the role. Those actors do best in the Marvel universe. Jason Momoa has now done a screen test and could be joining the film as Drax the destroyer. From the name of the character, it sounds like Momoa would be a great fit for the film. However, he hasn't had an especially good track record at the box office with his only starring role (Conan the Barbarian) being a flop. Drax sounds like a physically imposing character and I think that that works for Momoa. Look for more Guardians of the Galaxy casting news in the coming weeks including who's going to voice Rocket Racoon!!!! Aren't you excited!

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