Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sam Mendes likely to return for Bond 24, but film may miss 2014 release date

Back when Sam Mendes was doing the press runs for Skyfall, he mentioned that he had thought up of a plot for Bond 24 and that he was going to work on the script with John Logan who wrote the film. However, Mendes hasn't officially signed on for the film and until today, it was unknown whether or not he would be the director for the next film. Today comes a report from the Daily Mail that Mendes is 75% likely to return for the sequel but is waiting for the final script to confirm his return. Also reported is that Bond 24 will be a standalone film and not a two part thing with Bond 25. One problem with Mendes returning is that he is busy into early 2014 and if he does the film, it could be pushed from 2015. That makes me extremely disappointed but I think that Mendes is a necessity for the sequel. Skyfall is one of the absolute best Bond films ever made and I just love that film. Watching it on Blu-Ray, I know now that Mendes and cinematographer Roger Deakins must return for this sequel. I really wanted a 2014 Bond movie and I hope that this doesn't start a trend of Bond movies taking really long to produce. But I think that if we get Mendes back, it will be worth it.

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