Sunday, April 14, 2013

"42" dominates, "Scary Movie V" disappoints at weekend box office

The box office has finally woken up this year with both March and April being solid months. This weekend, it was surprise box office hit 42 that dominated the box office. I'll get a review in later this week. The baseball drama grossed a record $27.3 million, which is the best opening weekend ever for a baseball film. That number is quite remarkable considering the low appeal of baseball films and the lack of stars beyond Harrison Ford. Even more stunning is the A+ Cinemascore that the film received. That is quite the rarity and could mean that 42 will blow past $100 million. It happened with Argo, it could happen here. Now let's move on to something less remarkable: Scary Movie 5. The fifth film in the spoof franchise grossed $15.1 million which is $25 million less than Scary Movie 4's opening. Scary Movie 5 also received a C- Cinemascore which is quite dreadful. The end has come for this franchise (Note: If I can bring myself to watch it, you will have a review). The Croods held decently for a $13.2 million weekend. That is a 36% drop which is okay but not shocking. The animated comedy has now grossed $142 million so far and could pass $200 million if it gets lucky.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation grossed $10.8 million this weekend which isn't bad for an action feature. The action extravaganza has now grossed $102 million and will likely finish around $125 million. In fifth place was last weekend's leader, the horror remake Evil Dead. The film plummeted 63% to a gross of $9.5 million, which is not shocking at all. Evil Dead has grossed $41.5 million thus far. Jurassic Park 3D also dropped big with a 53% drop to $8.8 million. The rerelease has grossed $31 million so far. In seventh place, Olympus Has Fallen grossed another $7.28 million. That's a small drop, signifying that the actioner is still connecting. There's a good chance that the film hits $100 million. Oz, The Great and Powerful is nearing the end of its run with a $4.9 million gross this weekend. It has grossed $219 million so far and will likely finish around $230 million. In ninth place was Tyler Perry's Temptation which grossed another $4.5 million. The somewhat surprise hit has now grossed $45.4 million. And finally, The Place Beyond the Pines rounded out the top ten with a gross of $4 million. The crime drama had the second highest per theater average this weekend (only behind 42).

Next weekend sees the release of Oblivion and The Lords of Salem in limited release. Here are some early projections.

1. Oblivion- $39 million
2. 42- $23 million
3. The Croods- $9 million
4. G.I. Joe: Retaliation- $6.8 million
5. Olympus Has Fallen- $6 million
6. Jurassic Park 3D- $5 million
7. Scary Movie 5- $4.9 million
8. The Lords of Salem- $4.6 million
9. Evil Dead- $4.3 million
10. Oz, The Great and Powerful- $3 million

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