Monday, April 1, 2013

"G.I. Joe: Retaliation" opens big, "Temptation" draws audiences, "The Host" flops

This Easter weekend drew big crowds as the summer blockbuster season kicked off (sort of) with Paramount's G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Read my review here. The film was long delayed by Paramount but the general consensus is that it paid off in the end. Retaliation was originally slated to open in June 2012 before Paramount and MGM delayed the film 9 months to March 28, 2013. The film was pretty lucky. That weekend was the weekend that Ted opened to $54 million, Magic Mike opened to $39 million and Madea's Witness Protection opened to $25 million. In addition, three days later, Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man opened and grossed $137 million in its first six days. Odds are, G.I. Joe: Retaliation would have been lost in the fray. So Paramount moved it back and this weekend, over four days, it opened to $51.7 million which is about $10 million less than the first film in the franchise's four day total. Still, $51.7 million was an impressive enough opening for Paramount that it has greenlit G.I. Joe 3. Retaliation received an A- Cinemascore and with little action fare for teens and tweens until Oblivion and Iron Man 3, look for G.I. Joe to keep going and make around $150 million. In second place this weekend was The Croods. Dreamworks animated comedy didn't hold as well as expected but still only dropped 39% to $26.5 million. The Croods has now grossed $88.6 million and should cross the $100 million mark before next weekend.

The other release that clicked with audiences this weekend was Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. Temptation grossed a nice $22.3 million and despite poor reviews, it still hit with Perry's audience. In fourth place, despite direct competition from G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Olympus Has Fallen only dropped 54% to $14 million. Olympus has grossed close to $55 million so far. Oz, The Great and Powerful finished in fifth place this weekend with a nice $11.6 million. It's held pretty well and grossed a total of $198 million through its 24 days in theaters. It could hit $200 million today.

Over the last few months, the young adult genre has taken a significant hit with Warm Bodies only performing decently and Beautiful Creatures flopping on its face. Well, we can now add The Host to that list. The Stephanie Meyer sci-fi drama grossed a meager $11 million which means that nobody cared. Reviews have been awful and audience support is also weak with a B- Cinemascore. A lot of sources are saying that Hollywood is reconsidering the young adult genre. Next up is The Mortal Instruments. It's got a better chance of succeeding than the rest but it still could flop. Cross your fingers, Screen Gems. TriStar's The Call continued its impressive run with a $4.8 million weekend. The film has grossed $39 million thus far and could actually hit $50 million on an $13 million budget. On the other hand, Tina Fey comedy Admission finished in 8th place with a $3.25 million weekend for a total of $11.7 million. There's a bona fide flop for you. Spring Breakers continued to have a decent run with $2.75 million. It's director Harmony Korine's highest grossing film ever, but not a hit. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone fell 70% this weekend to a $1.3 million total. The comedy has grossed $20 million so far. Dreadful.

Next weekend comes the release of Evil Dead and Jurassic Park 3D with limited releases for Trance and The Company You Keep. Here are my early predictions for the top ten.

1. Evil Dead- $31 million
2. G.I. Joe: Retaliation- $22 million
3. Jurassic Park 3D- $20 million
4. The Croods- $18.5 million
5. Tyler Perry's Temptation- $10 million
6. Olympus Has Fallen- $8 million
7. Oz, The Great and Powerful- $7 million
8. The Host- $4.5 million
9. The Call- $2.1 million
10. Spring Breakers- $1.6 million

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