Monday, April 22, 2013

IGN Top 25 Sci-Fi- Inception (#25) review

Some film experiences you just remember really well. They are memories that just stick with you, of the first time you watch a film. I'll always remember when I first saw Super 8 and was amazed by what I saw on the screen. I remember being in a packed theater for The Avengers with the crowd screaming their way through the film. The first time I watched Singin' in the Rain was on a small iPod screen. But out of all the film experiences that I have been through, watching Inception for the first time on DVD was the most eye-opening and best.

If you haven't seen Inception: go watch it right this instant. It's one of the few films that shows up every few years and gives you a unique and amazing experience. So I'll try my best not to spoil too much. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is an extractor, a dream thief, who is plagued by his past. When a corporate businessman (Ken Watanabe) offers him a job that would bring him back to his kids, he jumps at the opportunity. However, the job is inception, the act of planting a dream in the mind of another. The subject is Robert Fischer (Cillian Murphy). Cobb assembles his team and goes deep into the dream world to plant the idea, but eventually reveals something sinister.

In my opinion, there are two types of great films. The ones you watch over and over (Casablanca) and the ones that you can only watch once. Inception falls somewhere in between those two films. It is something that you can rewatch again and again but it will never live up to the first time that you watch it. Inception is a very entertaining thriller however, and I would certainly say that it is one of the landmarks of film through the young 21st Century and a personal favorite of mine (#2 on my list of great movies).

Inception is an ensemble piece and a great one at that. The performances are all superb and Nolan gets great performances out of all of his actors. The standouts for me are DiCaprio and Tom Hardy as Emes. Hardy's more the fun, comic relief role and DiCaprio is the damaged soul fighting his own subconscious. The whole group has great chemistry; due in part to the Nolan team that works together every time that they make a movie.

The script is a masterwork. It is an EXTREMELY complex film and there is so much to look into and so many theories that you can come up with. You will get something different out of it each time. It's always interesting to watch and you can get different interpretations about what it says about our world (is it real?) and the loss of reality in some people. The script is a masterwork because it explains everything so well and in a manner that isn't expository in nature. Inception is never boring. I will say that until the day I die.

Another thing that I noticed this time was the use of music. Like in all of Nolan's movies, the score is fantastic and completely immerses you in the film and raises the tension. Whenever the score comes on, it just puts a smile to my face.

Honestly, I was going to do another paragraph about how great the action is, but I couldn't. I have said what I needed to say about Inception. It's awesome and the first time you watch it, you'll never forget. It is pure cinema and it's a prime example of the kind of worlds that movies can create and the stories that we can tell with the medium. It is a masterwork.


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