Monday, May 27, 2013

"Fast and Furious 6" zooms to first, "Hangover Part III" disappoints, "Epic" suprises at long weekend box office

After a disappointing start to the year that left several big budget blockbusters with bad starts, it's safe to say that people were just holding out for the summer months. Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby and Star Trek Into Darkness got the summer off to a great start but it truly exploded this weekend with three proven blockbusters and three newcomers. The box office was "Fast and Furious". The sixth installment in the car racing/heist/war franchise grossed a blockbuster $120 million over the long weekend, which is a franchise best. The film also received an A Cinemascore and with a relatively quiet couple of weeks until Man of Steel, it's safe to say that Fast and Furious 6 has a good chance at crossing $300 million in the US. If you're heading out to a movie tonight with family or friends, I would go see Fast and Furious 6 in a heartbeat. I'll have my review done later but I think that it's better than Fast Five and a heck of an action movie. Best of the summer so far.

In second place was Warner Bros. The Hangover Part III. The sequel disappointed big time at the box office with a $51.2 million long weekend. That's far below expectations but I can't really feel bad for the film. It got a 21% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, a disappointing B Cinemascore AND Warner Bros decided to open it against a big time blockbuster when there were a few weekends where it could do better. The film has grossed $63 million for five days. A finish around $140 million sounds plausible.

Third place belonged to Paramount's Star Trek Into Darkness. The decent space epic grossed a big $47 million to add to its now $155.8 million total. The blockbuster could finish with around $220 million if all goes well. Epic overperformed this weekend in fourth place with $42.6 million and an A Cinemascore. With no animated competition until Monsters University, look for this one to be around for a while.

Iron Man 3 continued its impressive run in fifth this weekend with another $24.3 million. The biggest film of the year so far has grossed $372.4 million in the US and is now the fifth highest grossing film worldwide. The Great Gatsby also continued to rake in cash with a $17 million holiday weekend.

And to round out the last four positions, we had Mud in seventh with $2.4 million for a $15 million total, The Croods in eighth with $1.6 million for a $179 million total, 42 in ninth with $1.6 million for a $91 million total and Oblivion with $1.1 million for an $87 million total.

Next weekend sees the release of After Earth and Now You See Me. Here are my early predictions.

1. Fast and Furious 6- $56 million
2. After Earth- $37 million
3. Now You See Me- $26 million
4. Epic- $23 million
5. The Hangover Part III- $21 million
6. Star Trek Into Darkness- $19 million
7. Iron Man 3- $12 million
8. The Great Gatsby- $8 million
9. Mud- $2 million
10. The Croods- $800,000

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