Sunday, May 5, 2013

"Iron Man 3" opens with $175.3 million for the second highest opening weekend of all time

Marvel has taken over the world. After a record breaking run last year with The Avengers, the superhero studio returned with Iron Man 3 and in terms of box office, it didn't disappoint. Iron Man 3 opened last week in foreign countries with $198 million. It didn't do quite as well domestically but it still made $175.3 million, which is the second highest opening weekend of all time. Pretty good for just one superhero. Iron Man 3 had a $68 million opening day, a $64 million Saturday, and $44 million on Sunday. It also received an A Cinemascore, which means that Iron Man 3 could break $400 million. If it goes at the same pace as The Avengers, it will make $527 million, which would make it the fifth highest grossing film ever. In all terms, Iron Man 3's opening is pretty spectacular.

Other than Iron Man 3, the box office was dormant this weekend, leaving the overall year-to-year comparison in decline. In second place was Paramount's Pain & Gain which made another $7.6 million which is a nice 62.5% drop. The film, which received a C+ Cinemascore last weekend, has made $34 million thus far. 42 finished in 3rd with a decent $6.2 million. The baseball drama, which many expected to fly to $100 million, has only grossed $78 million so far. It could reach $100 million, but it's going to need to stay really strong. In fourth place, with another big action movie out, Oblivion dropped 67% to $5.7 million. The film has a decent chance of reaching the $100 million milestone, but with the summer onslaught, it doesn't seem likely. 

The Croods continued to dominate the family market with another $4.2 million this weekend. The Croods has grossed a very good $168 million in the US, which is enough to warrant a sequel. Lionsgate's The Big Wedding held decently, and grossed another $3.8 million. The critically reviled rom-com has grossed $13 million so far. In seventh place this weekend, Mud continued to prove that indies can break into the top ten. The drama grossed another $2.1 million. To round out the top 10, Oz, The Great and Powerful grossed another $1.8 million to make its total an impressive $228 million, Scary Movie 5 grossed another $1.4 million for a $29 million total and The Place Beyond The Pines grossed $1.2 million to make its total gross $18.6 million. 

Next weekend sees the release of The Great Gatsby and Peeples. Both should be nice sleeper counter-programming. 

1. Iron Man 3- $88 million
2. The Great Gatsby- $55 million
3. Peeples- $21 million
4. 42- $4.6 million
5. Pain and Gain- $3.6 million

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