Sunday, May 12, 2013

"Iron Man 3" wins weekend, but "Gatsby" a close second

The summer battle has begun. I have a feeling that this weekend is going to be a foreshadow for the entire summer. Here we are with two massive, glitzy blockbusters: Iron Man 3 and The Great Gatsby. They are both box office juggernauts. But don't forget a smaller film, Peeples, a Tyler Perry romantic comedy. It wants to make money too. Unfortunately, the other two films will shut out any possibility of that film making money.

Iron Man 3, Marvel's latest flick, dropped 58% this weekend for a $72.4 million weekend. The blockbuster's drop was steep, but honestly, expected. The big story is how fast Iron Man 3 is approaching $1 billion. The film has grossed $949 million worldwide with $284 million coming from the US. In the next week, Iron Man 3 will hit $1 billion. However, the film will face stiff competition next week in the US with the release of Star Trek Into Darkness. It will be interesting to see how far it falls.

Despite Iron Man 3's win, the bigger story was the massive opening for Warner Bros. romantic drama The Great Gatsby. The film tapped right in as glittery counter-programming for the rest of the summer blockbusters, grossing $51.1 million in its opening weekend. I did see the film and my review will be released today. To give you a taste, I will say that my sky-high expectations were not met. The film received a B Cinemascore, which is extremely weak and could mean that the film plummets next weekend. However, I don't think that there is something for Gatsby's female audience next weekend.

The rest of the field was extremely weak this weekend. In third place was Paramount's Pain & Gain, which grossed a solid $5 million this weekend. Paramount's poorly reviewed comedy has grossed $41 million so far, which is a paltry amount. The bigger story was the fourth place finish of Tyler Perry-produced Peeples. The film was practically forgotten, grossing only $4.8 million, in fourth place. Most predictions had this film around $15 million. Wow. What a flop.

In fifth place was Warner Bros. other hit this year, 42. I still haven't seen the film and actually don't think that I will. It grossed $4.65 million this weekend and has now made $84 million. It should close in on $100 million if it keeps up the pace. Oblivion finished in 6th this weekend with another $3.8 million in box office revenue. The science fiction actioner (that I still might see) has grossed $81.6 million thus far. The Croods also maintained some momentum in seventh place, with another $3.6 million. The animated comedy has grossed $173.2 million so far.

In eighth place, The Big Wedding dropped to $2.5 million. The romantic comedy flop has grossed $18.2 million in three weeks. Mud placed in ninth with another $2.3 million. The indie smash has grossed more than $8 million so far. And to round out the top ten is the movie that won't go away, Oz, The Great and Powerful. That film has grossed $230 million and added another $800,000 this weekend.

Next weekend sees the release of Star Trek Into Darkness. Here are my early predictions:

1. Star Trek Into Darkness- $93.7 million (3-Day Weekend)
2. Iron Man 3- $34 million
3. The Great Gatsby- $23 million
4. 42- $3.9 million
5. Pain and Gain- $2.3 million

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