Sunday, June 2, 2013

"Fast and Furious 6" drops, but leads, "Now You See Me" surprises, "After Earth" flops

Despite big disappoints and steep falls, the box office was still big this weekend with six films over $15 million and a few over performances. In first place for the second weekend in a row was Fast and Furious 6. The sixth installment in the action franchise grossed another $34.5 million, which is a 65% drop from last weekend. That's a bit worse than Fast Five and considering that Fast Six has less competition than Fast Five did (Thor), it's disappointing. However, Fast and Furious 6 has grossed $170 million so far. Second place was the over performing caper, Now You See Me. The fun action caper grossed $28 million, which is much better than the $19 million tracking suggested. Along with the A- Cinemascore, this movie should be around a while.

Now to the bomb of the week. After Earth grossed $27 million which is a horrible start for the critically reviled Jaden Smith vehicle. This movie is a flop at the level of John Carter and Battleship and could be the second Scientology-related vehicle to die (Battlefield Earth). The previous statement is just a rumor, but it could be true. What isn't a rumor is that along with a B Cinemascore, this movie is going to tank.

In fourth place was Fox's Epic which grossed another $16.5 million this weekend to raise its total to $65.1 million. The animated actioner should keep strong until Monsters University. Paramount's Star Trek Into Darkness fell behind a bit this weekend after pacing ahead of its predecessor all week. The sci-fi film grossed $16.5 million as well, raising its total to $181.1 million. Into Darkness should finish around $225 million.

In a shocking sixth place finish, The Hangover Part III plummeted to $15.9 million, which is about a 62% drop and a bit better than Part II. However, with an $88 million total so far, this movie shouldn't do much better than $130 million. Iron Man 3 was farther behind in seventh with $8 million, raising its total to $384.7 million. It should pass $400 million in mere weeks. The Great Gatsby was eighth with another $6.2 million, raising its total to $128 million. The drama could get to $145 million if its lucky. And rounding out the top ten were Bollywood film Yei Jawaani Hai Deewani in ninth place with $1.6 million and Mud in tenth with $1.2 million.

Next weekend is The Internship, which has been previewed to death and The Purge. Here are my predictions.

1. The Internship- $30 million
2. The Purge- $21 million
3. Fast and Furious 6- $19 million
4. Now You See Me- $15 million
5. After Earth- $11 million
6. Epic- $10 million
7. Star Trek Into Darkness- $8 million
8. The Hangover Part III- $6.5 million
9. Iron Man 3- $5 million
10. The Great Gatsby- $4 million

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