Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Monsters University" and "World War Z" surprise, "Man of Steel" falls hard

It's hard not to get excited when you have one of the biggest box office weekends of all time. With three major blockbusters in theaters, the total box office this weekend reached $236 million, which is a June record. Thanks to decent reviews and an extreme level of pent-up demand, Monsters University topped the box office this weekend with $82 million, the second highest Pixar opening of all time. Along with the great opening weekend, Pixar movies also typically have great word of mouth which was indicated by the A Cinemascore. If Monsters University follows Brave's 3.59 multiplier, it will end up with $294 million, but with the release of Despicable Me 2 in two weeks, I see Monsters University headed for a total closer to $250 million.

Despite Monsters University's big opening weekend, the real story this weekend was the shocking over-performance of Brad Pitt's zombie epic World War Z. The very good zombie apocalypse film (read my review here) grossed an estimated $66 million which is the best opening for an original feature (although it was loosely based off a book) since Avatar's $77 million weekend. Along with the awesome opening, World War Z received a B+ Cinemascore, which indicates that the film will have legs headed into the Fourth of July weekend. Look for World War Z to reach $200 million.

And, to everyone's surprise except mine, Man of Steel dropped like a rock this weekend (65%) to $41.2 million. Warner Bros. superhero epic could now be in trouble, as the studio was expecting a better hold. Some are saying that the film will now not get a sequel. I doubt that but I didn't think that the film was very good, as shown in my review, but I wouldn't mind seeing where they go with a sequel. Through ten days, Man of Steel has grossed $210 million.

Behind Man of Steel is where we see the big drop-off in box office numbers, although there were some strong holds, one of them being This is the End. The apocalypse comedy grossed another $13 million easing only 37 million. The comedy has now grossed $57.7 million and could see grosses as high as $90 million by the end of its run. Also holding strong was Now You See Me. The magician thriller grossed another $7.8 million raising its total to an awesome $94.4 million. I see the film finishing as high as $120 million. It's safe to say that Now You See Me is the surprise of the summer so far (alongside World War Z).

In sixth, Fast and Furious 6 grossed another $4.7 million, which was enough to raise its total to $228 million. The action drama (and my favorite movie of the year so far) will eventually finish around $240-$245 million. The Internship continued its unimpressive run in seventh with $3.4 million. The comedy flop has now grossed $38 million. And rounding out the top ten, we had The Purge in eighth with another $3.4 million to raise its total to $59 million. Star Trek Into Darkness finished in ninth with another $3 million, which was enough to raise its total to $216 million. And Iron Man 3 finished in tenth with another $2.17 million. That film became the first of 2013 to cross $400 million.

Now for next weekend. In all likelihood, it won't be as big as this one, but it could come close. Here's how I see things playing out:

1. Monsters University- $51 million
2. The Heat- $49 million
3. White House Down- $39 million
4. World War Z- $35 million
5. Man of Steel- $21 million
6. This is the End- $9 million
7. Now You See Me- $5.1 million
8. Fast and Furious 6- $2.5 million
9. Star Trek Into Darkness- $2 million
10. The Bling Ring- $1.5 million

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  1. Very good Prequel to Monsters Inc. Even those who have not watched Monsters Inc. can go for it.