Sunday, June 9, 2013

"The Purge" leads, "The Internship" performs solid and "After Earth" drops on surprise weekend

Ah, the weekend before a big blockbuster. It's always relatively quiet. There aren't a lot of films released and people typically wait for next weekend's film. But not this weekend. Man of Steel is released next weekend and the general consensus on the internet is that everyone and their dog is going to be paying money for that movie. But with the big grosses of this weekend, I'm not sure that Man of Steel is going to be the biggest movie of all time, or even crack the top ten all time. Now, this weekend. The Purge opened with a massive $36.4 million opening. Now it came with a C Cinemascore, but still, that's an impressive total for a $3 million film. Look for The Purge to finish around $70 million.

Fast and Furious 6 continued its impressive run in second place this weekend with another $19.7 million to add to the total. That's a 44% drop, but its total is now $202 million, and the film will surpass Fast Five in a few days. In third place with a spectacular hold was Louis Letterier's Now You See Me. The fantastic magician caper must have had good word of mouth because it dropped only 33% this weekend to $19.5 million. That's a really great drop in a crowded summer. The thriller has now made $61.3 million. At this point, $100 million does not seem out of reach.

The Internship performed slightly above expectations this weekend with an $18.1 million total. That's above most peoples $15 million expectations but below mine. The film also received a B+ Cinemascore which could carry the film to $50 or $60 million. Look for a review by Wednesday. Epic placed in fifth this weekend with another $12.1 million and a small drop. The animated actioner has now grossed $84 million. Star Trek Into Darkness was the second film this weekend to pass $200 million, as it grossed another $11.7 million. Look for this film to finish around $230 million. After Earth placed in seventh with $11.2 million.

And to round out the top ten this weekend, in eighth was The Hangover Part III with $7.3 million and crossed the $100 million mark. Iron Man 3 finished in 9th with $5.7 million and will cross $400 million in the next week or so. It is currently at $394 million. The Great Gatsby placed 10th with another $4.2 million. Much Ado About Nothing also opened big with $183,000 in 5 theaters.

The total weekend gross was $153 million.

Next weekend sees the release of This is the End on Wednesday and Man of Steel on Friday. Here are my early predictions:

1. Man of Steel- $105 million
2. This is the End- $29 million
3. The Purge- $16 million
4. Now You See Me- $13.4 million
5. Fast and Furious 6- $12 million
6. The Internship- $9 million
7. Epic- $8.8  million
8. Star Trek Into Darkness- $7 million
9. The Hangover Part III- $4.5 million
10. After Earth- $4 million

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