Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Monsters University" leads, "The Heat" is hot, and "White House Down" is second flop for Columbia

The final weekend of June was another hot one with five blockbusters films vying for your money. Total box office was around $190 million which is a great number, but not as good as the same weekend last year when Ted, Brave and Magic Mike were tearing up the box office. However, unlike last year, a holdover took first place as Monsters University made another $45.6 million, which is a nice 45% drop from last weekend. Monsters University has now grossed $170.4 million, which is nearly $20 million away from Cars 2. Nice. Let's see how it does with Despicable Me 2 entering the marketplace on Wednesday.

In second was the feel good story of the weekend, the fact that the women took over the marketplace with The Heat. The R-rated, profane comedy grossed $39.1 million this weekend which tops Bridesmaids and $1 million away from The Hangover Part III's 3-day opening, which is a great total. It also received an A- Cinemascore which indicates that the film will remain strong through the rest of July and maybe even August. The next comedy offering is Grown Ups 2 on July 12, but the next R-rated comedy is We're the Millers, which doesn't hit theaters until August 9. So, look for The Heat to stay strong.

Third place belonged to World War Z, which dropped 55% to a weekend total of $29.7 million. That's a solid drop for the zombie action hybrid, which held better than Man of Steel, which is quite impressive. In addition, World War Z took in another $70 million overseas which means that its total is now at a strong $258 million. It could get as high as $500 million and with more markets to come, it's looking likely. Shockingly, at this point, it seems that World War Z is going to turn a profit. Not by much, but it's going to happen.

Now onto a film that will NOT turn a profit. White House Down opened to a surprisingly low $24.8 million, which is a horrible opening for a star-studded, $150 million action movie. However, it received an A- Cinemascore, which indicates that it might get to $100 million, which still is going to mean a huge write-down for Columbia Pictures. Then again, with the combo of C-Tates and J-Foxx, nobody, not even Columbia, could have seen this coming. The main problem, in my opinion, was that Olympus Has Fallen, which is the EXACT same movie, opened only three months ago. There's the real problem.

Man of Steel held a little better in its third weekend with another $20.7 million to add to the bank. The superhero actioner has grossed $248.5 million in the US and another $271 million overseas which makes for a total of $520 million. Insiders are now projecting that the film will finish around $700 million, which still might not be enough to warrant a sequel. In sixth place was Columbia's only hit so far this summer, raunchy comedy This is the End. The film grossed another $8.7 million, which is a strong 35% hold from last weekend. The comedy has now grossed $74.6 million.

And rounding out the final four spots in the top ten, we had Now You See Me in seventh place with another $5.6 million. The caper has now grossed $104.7 million, and should tap out at $120 million. Impressive. In eighth place was Fast and Furious 6 with another $2.4 million. That film has now grossed $233 million. Star Trek Into Darkness finished in ninth with $2.1 million to raise its total to $220 million. And The Internship finished in tenth with $1.4 million to raise its total to an unimpressive $41 million.

This weekend is the lucrative Fourth of July frame, in which we have Despicable Me 2, The Lone Ranger and Kevin Hart's Let Me Explain entering the marketplace. Here are my 5-day predictions.

1. Despicable Me 2- $130 million
2. The Lone Ranger- $75 million
3. The Heat- $30 million
4. Monsters University- $29 million
5. World War Z- $20 million
6. White House Down- $15 million
7. Kevin Hart-Let Me Explain- $11 million
8. This is the End- $7.1 million
9. Now You See Me- $5 million
10. Fast and Furious 6- $2.1 million

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