Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Way, Way Back: A Screening Story

I know that earlier today in my review schedule, I said that I could possibly see The Way, Way Back today and review it. I decided that I would check it out today, and I headed over to my local art house theater to watch it. It was a 2:00 PM showing and I got there just in time. The previews started and in the top right corner of the screen was a yellow box that was blurring out the top right corner of the screen. It ran through Regal's little roller-coaster introduction and through the first preview for Baggage Claim. Eventually the manager came in and said that he would go see what was going on and that it would be fixed in six or seven minutes. Yeah, right.

Six or seven minutes passed and the film popped back on (at the beginning of course). So we go through Regal's roller coaster thing again and guess what! The box was still there! So the screen fades to black again. By this time, it was 2:15 and the movie was supposed to begin at 2:00. I waited patiently. I was fine waiting, I just wanted to see the movie. After another seven, eight minutes, the movie started back up again. It started pretty good. There wasn't much in terms of yellow popping up on the screen, but it was better. Of course, it went through all the previews again. The manager eventually came in and said that he would be handing out free passes and that you could either stay and watch the movie or leave and either way you would get a refund. He said that the projector needed to "warm up" and that he recommended staying through the previews because a technician was coming. We did. Nobody in the theater left. All the previews finished and the movie started.

The movie still had the yellow box on the side. There were still flashes of blue. I didn't care at that point, I just wanted to see the movie. But then the screen turned off again. The technician had arrived and had to fix the problem from the beginning. And so, I left. I did not have the energy to sit through four boring previews again. We got our free tickets and left.

I've gotta give the theater credit for handling the situation well and informing us what was going on, but I went with another person and for both people, they only gave one ticket. Basically, they gave us a refund and nothing for our inconvenience of having to sit there with a broken projector. Thanks, Regal. I'll be filling out one of their surveys this time around. I should have gotten at least two pairs of tickets. But, hey, whatever.
Everyone at the theater was very nice and the manager did a great job informing us. I just bet that giving out one free ticket is one of Regal's policies.

I'll be seeing The Way, Way Back next Friday or Saturday so just bear with me. I could have reviews of The Lone Ranger and RIPD for you tomorrow.

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