Monday, September 9, 2013

"Riddick" leads, "The Butler" falls to second after three-week lead

After a three week hiatus, I'm back with another box office report. This past weekend was the quietest of the entire year so far, with the total gross at $83 million. That's about as much as Monsters University made opening weekend. Sad to think that. However, there was only wide one release last weekend and it was Riddick. The Vin Diesel sci-fi thriller took in a lukewarm $18.6 million, which is a tad below expectations. Universal claims that the film met its expectations but with Diesel's star power, I can only see this as a disappointment. However, there were several warning signs involved. The film is R-rated, which is never good, and the franchise isn't one that a lot of people are familiar with today. That being said, Riddick should go on to gross $50 million.

In second place was Lee Daniels' The Butler, which grossed another $8.9 million this weekend, enough to raise its cumulative total to $91.9 million. The historical drama, which has proven to be a late summer hit, will reach $100 million by next weekend and could go as high as $120 million. Instructions Not Included took third place this weekend with another $8.1 million in a nationwide expansion. The Spanish-language breakout hit has grossed a grand total of $20.3 million, but look for that to increase. We're The Millers continued its impressive run in fourth place with another $7.9 million, enough to raise its total to $123.8 million. The comedy smash could fly as high as $145 million.

After that, the grosses pretty much drop off. In fifth place, Planes added another $4.2 in its fifth weekend, to raise its total to $79.2 million. Planes should keep going strong, but won't reach $100 million with school starting back up. One Direction: This is Us added a paltry $4.1 million in its second weekend, highlighting an insane 74% drop. The concert flick placed sixth this weekend, and has grossed $23.9 million so far. Elysium finished in seventh with a $3.1 million weekend. The Matt Damon sci-fi flick has now grossed $85 million.

And to round out the top ten, Blue Jasmine continued to go strong with $2.6 million in eighth place. At this point, the film has a legitimate shot of topping Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen's biggest hit. Blue Jasmine has grossed $25.4 million so far. In ninth place, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters added $2.5 million, raising its total to $59.8 million. And in tenth place, The World's End added $2.3 million, to raise its total to $21.7 million. More people should see that movie. It's kind of depressing. Also, Salinger impressed with $91K in limited release.

Next weekend sees the release of The Family and Insidious- Chapter 2. Here are my predictions:

1. Insidious-Chapter 2- $38.5 million
2. The Family- $14.3 million
3. Riddick- $8.9 million
4. Lee Daniels' The Butler- $6.9 million
5. Instructions Not Included- $6 million
6. Planes- $2.7 million
7. Elysium- $2.1 million
8. One Direction: This is Us- $1.9 million
9. Blue Jasmine- $1.5 million
10. The World's End- $1.45 million

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