Friday, October 25, 2013

"Jack Ryan" moved back to January, "Monuments Men" to open in February, "Robocop" to February 12, "American Hustle" to December 18

After the massive news the other day confirming that Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street would be ready in time for Christmas day and the shocking news that The Monuments Men would not be hitting theaters this year, we're finally seeing the fallout. The most unsurprising of the news is that of Paramount's Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. The spy film, originally slated for Christmas Day had been a part of The Wolf of Wall Street shift from the very beginning. Now, it will officially open in IMAX on January 17. Not exactly Christmas Day, but various news outlets have been spinning it as good news, as the film will face little competition and Martin Luther King Jr. Day is that weekend. However, it still looks like a disappointment for the spy drama franchise starter. The film stars Chris Pine as the titular spy along with Kenneth Branagh, Kevin Costner, and Keira Knightley, with the former directing. Now it seems that the film might not be as good as we had hoped.

In addition, after being indefinitely delayed earlier this week, George Clooney's The Monuments Men, has officially been dated for February 7, 2014. Although I wish that the film was in a premiere spot (maybe March), it has very little competition. It currently faces The Lego Movie on the weekend of February 7 which is followed by Robocop on February 12 (more on that in a minute) and About Last Night, Endless Love, Three Days to Kill, Vampire Academy and Winter's Tale. It's the only adult entertainment of the month, but it is far from being on its own.

Also, there were a few slight changes to the release date calender as a result of The Monuments Men move. American Hustle, the new period piece from David O. Russell was previously set for a wide release on Christmas Day after a limited run on December 13. Now, the film will move its wide release up to December 18. This is a very smart move by Columbia, which will certainly attempt an Oscar campaign for this film. It gives the 1970's political dramedy some time to build word of mouth and Oscar buzz. Also, as a result of The Monuments Men being dated for February 7, Robocop has moved back to February 12. That's also a smart move, but I think Robocop is pretty safe wherever it's at.

For all of these films, with the exception of Jack Ryan, I believe that moving dates is the right way to go. Let's hope that they all turn out good.

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