Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Catching Fire", "Frozen" light up with massive grosses at weekend box office

This weekend saw the release of four films. All four were released on Wednesday. Three of the films tanked, but one soared, and helped the box office perform spectacularly. However, despite the box office success of Disney's Frozen, Lionsgate's The Hunger Games: Catching Fire still led this weekend. Catching Fire grossed $74.5 million over the weekend, along with $110.1 million over the long Wednesday to Sunday frame. That's a spectacular second weekend for the sequel, and it now has grossed $296.5 million, enough for third place on the domestic yearly chart, behind only Despicable Me 2 and Iron Man 3. This weekend's numbers almost guarantee a $400 million+ gross for Catching Fire.

In a close second this weekend was Disney's Frozen. The $150 million animated feature grossed $66.7 million over the weekend frame, and a fantastic $93.1 million over the five-day weekend. After a one theater showing last weekend, Frozen has now grossed $93.3 million. The Disney animated feature out-grossed both 2010's Tangled, and Toy Story 2, both of which opened over the Thanksgiving holiday (although Frozen and Tangled had the 3D advantage and Toy Story 2 did not). Frozen is now set up for a healthy run that could end up with grosses over $300 million if it holds like Tangled did. Also, the fact that Frozen received an "A+" Cinemascore and is an absolutely fantastic movie won't hurt it at all.

After that, there really isn't that much to report. Thor: The Dark World finished in third place with $11.1 million over the weekend and $15.4 million over the five-day frame. The Marvel superhero flick has now grossed $186.7 million. The film should cross $200 million by the end of its run. Behind Thor in fourth place was The Best Man Holiday which grossed $8.4 million over the weekend and $11.1 million over the five-day frame. After a strong opening and an "A+" Cinemascore, The Best Man Holiday has slipped up and only grossed $63.4 million. In fifth place was the Jason Statham thriller Homefront, which grossed $9.79 million over the five-day frame and $6.97 million over the weekend. Add that up with a "B" Cinemascore, and you get a film that won't hold very well at the box office.

Delivery Man finished in sixth place with a $6.9 million weekend and a five day weekend around $10 million. The comedy held pretty well after a disappointing opening and has now grossed $19.4 million. In a large expansion this weekend, The Book Thief finished in seventh place with $4.85 million over the weekend frame for a $6.4 million weekend. The Fox drama has now grossed $7.8 million. Black Nativity was one of the weekend's bigger flops as it grossed $3.88 million over the weekend and $5 million over five days for an eighth place finish. That's a disappointing start, but the "A-" Cinemascore is encouraging.

And finally, rounding out the top ten in ninth and tenth were Philomena and Last Vegas. The Judi Dench dramedy grossed $3.789 million over the weekend and $4.6 million over the five day frame in ninth place. The film has now grossed $4.754 million. And finally in tenth place, we had Last Vegas. The film grossed $2.785 over the weekend and a $3.82 million five-day weekend in tenth place. The comedy has now grossed $58.7 million.

Also, all the way down in seventeenth place was FilmDistrict's Oldboy, which grossed $850,000 over the weekend and $1.25 million over the five-day frame. What a flop.

Next weekend sees the release of Out of the Furnace. Here are my predictions:

1. Frozen- $51.7 million
2. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire- $36.1 million
3. Out of the Furnace- $14.5 million
4. Thor: The Dark World- $6.8 million
5. The Best Man Holiday- $5.3 million
6. The Book Thief- $5 million
7. Delivery Man- $4.5 million
8. Homefront- $3.3 million
9. Philomena- $2.9 million
10. Black Nativity- $2.67 million

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