Friday, December 13, 2013

Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke to star in "Terminator: Genesis"

One of the most interesting film projects that will be hitting theaters in the next few years is Alan Taylor's Terminator: Genesis. Alan Taylor was the director of Thor: The Dark World, which was very good, and now he'll be taking on the Connor family and Skynet in Terminator: Genesis, which is currently dated for July 1, 2015. Rumors about this film have been swirling for months now. There have been rumors of a time-traveling plot that could involve Dwayne Johnson joining the cast. Arnold Schwarzenegger has also been rumored to join. However, nothing had been made official until today, when Paramount announced that Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke had joined the cast of their new Terminator film.

Emilia Clarke is a much bigger star in television than she is on the big screen. She has starred in one other film, 2012's Spike Island. That's a pretty small filmography. However, she's also starring in next year's Dom Hemingway. You also can't forget that she plays a pretty major role on the hit HBO show Game Of Thrones. Now, she's taking on the role of Sarah Connor in Genesis. That's a huge career step forward for her, and it's undoubtedly her biggest role yet. I haven't watched Game of Thrones, but from descriptions of that show, it looks like Clarke can mix being tough and beautiful, which works perfectly for Connor. 

Now for the other big star of Genesis, Jason Clarke. The actor has been in films such as Public Enemies, The Great Gatsby, Lawless, and most famously, as the lead CIA torturer in Zero Dark Thirty. Clarke will also star in Everest, Child 44, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Clarke's career is certainly on the rise and I think that he fits the role of John Connor well. This practically confirms the time-traveling plot, as the two Clarkes are around the same age. I'm confident in this casting and as long as rising stars continue to attach themselves to the project, I have confidence in Terminator: Genesis. 

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