Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Adam Driver reportedly cast as lead villain in "Star Wars: Episode VII"

An interesting report came out from Variety today that said Adam Driver (Frances Ha, Inside Llewyn Davis) will star as the lead villain in the upcoming film, Star Wars: Episode VII. Of course, this is not yet official and could be just another false Star Wars casting lead. However, Variety seems pretty certain that this deal is going to happen. In the article, Variety's Justin Kroll says that Driver should sign on officially in the coming days after figuring out scheduling conflicts with Girls. Kroll also reports that the villain is in the vein of Darth Vader and will likely be a main character throughout most of the upcoming Star Wars saga. Disney, Lucasfilm and JJ Abrams had no comment.

While I haven't really been excited about the new Star Wars series so far, I actually really love this casting. Driver was one of my favorite parts of the otherwise annoying Frances Ha and he also had quite the spectacular turn in Inside Llewyn Davis. Clearly, he's a talent young actor and it's good to see that Hollywood studios are taking notice. Star Wars: Episode VII still concerns me, but I'm a little less skeptical now. I think that with a couple more casting moves like this, Disney could have a really promising film on their hands. I've always liked JJ Abrams as a director, and although I wish he would have stuck with Star Trek, I'm hopeful that he can do a lot with Star Wars. 

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