Friday, February 28, 2014

Warner Bros. and the Wachowskis rumored to be developing new "Matrix" series

Right now, this is just a rumor, but it's a very interesting one at that. After coming to a pretty definitive close in 2003, apparently, The Matrix will live on. Latino Review's Kellvin Chavez is reporting that Warner Bros. wants another Matrix trilogy from the Wachowskis and they want it by 2017 so that they can compete with Star Wars and Avatar films. While Latino Review cites no source, here's what they're reporting:

"The Wachowski siblings have a very long history over at Warner Bros. but with the exception of the Matrix Trilogy, none of their movies have had great financial success. Speed Racer/Cloud Atlas tanked and let's not kid ourselves, by the looks of it, Jupiter Ascending will not be much better. We've been told that the Wachowskis have already started the writing process with early treatments and outlines already turned into the studio. No word if they will want to direct but my money says "Claro que Si!".Warner Bros. is desperate for a surefire franchise and will be making a push to have the new Matrix films ready to up against any new Star Wars and Avatar films by 2017...........One of the early outlines was about the birth of the Matrix and now that WB is Terminator-less, some of suits would like to explore that early world but it's way too early and the story is still very fluid. I've been also told to that the previous animated Matrix films will not have any effect on the live action movies."

So, it looks like the possibility of a new Matrix trilogy is out there. As a person who only watched the original Matrix three weeks ago, I can't say that I care about this too differently. And even though Latino Review rips into Jupiter Ascending in its post, I will say that I'm much more excited for that than I am for a new Matrix trilogy. Plus, didn't most people hate the last two Matrix movies? What makes Warner Bros. think that people would want to show up for a new trilogy? All of these questions and no answers. I doubt that this news is even true. I would think that Warner Bros. would focus much more on their other properties (DC, Looney Tunes, Harry Potter) than they would on a movie series that concluded a decade ago. That's just my opinion, but I don't see the potential in this one. 

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