Monday, April 7, 2014

"Captain America 3" to face off against "Batman vs. Superman" on May 6, 2016

Although the odds of these two movies actually opening on the same day is near 0%, it's still going to be interesting to see which studio blinks. Marvel has now officially set Captain America 3 for May 6, 2016 with Anthony and Joe Russo slated to return to direct the third installment. That means that it will face off against Batman vs. Superman for now. Obviously, one of these films will move, but the intriguing part is who will move.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a huge success this weekend for Marvel, opening to nearly $95 million at the box office and receiving rave reviews from critics. Obviously, Marvel is a powerhouse now and any time that they put a new film on the calender, it's going to be a big deal. Now, is Guardians of the Galaxy an assured hit at this point? Not necessarily. But it's got a much better chance of being a huge success than say, Jupiter Ascending, just because Marvel's name is on it. Other studios are definitely watching Marvel and are probably cowering in fear. If word of mouth for Captain America: The Winter Soldier is good, I see Warner Bros. strongly considering moving Batman vs. Superman to sometime in June.

All in all, this is going to be very interesting. Captain America 3 is a movie that I'm really looking forward to and Batman vs. Superman is a film that I'm curious about. The big thing is that if Warner Bros. moves Batman/Superman, it permanently solidifies both Marvel as a studio and Captain America as a franchise. And if Captain America 3 moves, it will prove that Warner Bros. still does have some clout in Hollywood after a few disasters. I'm sure we'll find out in the near future.

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