Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chiwetel Ejiofor is the front-runner to play a villain in next Bond film

This is one of the most exciting bits of news I've heard in a long, long time. Casting rumors for the new Batman film and Star Wars VII have floated around for months, with actors like Jesse Plemons and Lupita Nyong'o being announced as potential contenders for roles in the new films. However, this recent tidbit of casting news is the first to really pique my interest. Skyfall was one of my favorite films of 2012. It was a breath of fresh air for the action genre and it was most certainly the best Bond film ever. I was hoping that Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig would start production on another Bond film in time for 2014, but that didn't happen. Now, Bond 24 will be released in 2015, with Daniel Craig and Ben Whishaw officially signed on to return (other cast members like Ralph Fiennes and Naomi Harris will also presumably return). Now, the producers have to look for a villain. And it looks like they might have found the right actor to play him in Chiwetel Ejiofor.

The Oscar-nominated actor delivered a soul-crushing, emotional performance in 12 Years A Slave. It was hands-down the best performance of the year and an integral part of the Best Picture-winning film. So the fact that he's even being considered for a role in the new Bond film is exciting. According to The Wrap, Ejiofor is at the top of the producers list. There have been no formal talks, but he's under consideration.

I really hope that this happens. Ejiofor is a marvelous up-and-coming actor and his performance in 12 Years A Slave was one for the ages. I can't help but think that he'd make a great Bond villain and I love that Sam Mendes keeps bringing in big-name actors to play charismatic and frightening villains. Obviously, I can't wait for this film and I'm very excited about the possibility of seeing Ejiofor in the film as well.

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