Sunday, April 13, 2014

MTV Movie Awards Live Blog

The MTV Movie Awards are probably not what first comes to mind when you think about awards shows. However, they're actually pretty funny and entertaining and I've been enjoying them so far this evening so I decided to bring out the live blog. Here we go:

-Conan O'Brien is doing a good job as a host. The product placement gag was brilliant.

-Jared Leto wins Best Transformation for Dallas Buyers Club.

-Does Jared Leto have to give a long speech about the importance of Dallas Buyers Club every time he wins an award?

-That Taco Bell commercial that's been running lately is absolutely hilarious.

-And we're back with Amanda Seyfried and Seth MacFarlane, the stars of A Million Ways to Die in the West.

-Jonah Hill wins for Best Comedic Performance at the MTV Movie Awards for The Wolf of Wall Street.

-After watching this show for about twenty minutes, I've realized that the MTV Movie Awards are essentially one big promotional item.

-Interesting performance by 21 Pilots. Never really heard of the band before, but it was still pretty compelling to watch.

-Leto is pretty annoying at this point. Best Villain is up next.

-Fassbender should totally win this, but Cumberbatch will take it. He deserves it too.

-And the award goes to.....Mila Kunis?

-Seriously, I forgot that Oz even came out this year.

-YouTube sponsors stuff now? That's weird.

-Conan is now introducing Rita Ora and Jessica Alba. With a muscle suit on. This show just keeps getting more bizarre.

-And now we have Best Shirtless Performance. Wow. This just gets more ridiculous every second.

-Zac Efron wins Best Shirtless Performance for a movie that nobody saw. And they basically forced the shirt off of him.

-Ellen Page with a large bit of product placement for X-Men: Days of Future Past in the background. This just further solidifies this show as one large marketing showcase.

-That was pretty cool. Well-edited and well-directed. Very excited for Days of Future Past.

-So many movie commercials. It's one big marketing push. However, it's still pretty entertaining. Channing Tatum is now getting the Trailblazer award. With more ads for his summer movies.

-Tatum's gonna have a huge summer if Jupiter Ascending is a success.

-This show is really dragging. Eminem and Rihanna are performing "The Monster" right now.

-Good performance, but this show is extremely tedious. The stars of Neighbors (which I'm seeing this week) are coming on stage now.

-Best Kiss is up next. It'd be great if J-Law and Amy Adams won.

-Why are all the acceptance speeches at this show so awkward?

-Since nothing remotely interesting has happened at this show in the last thirty minutes, I think that I'm going to cut the live blog off here. I'll be back later this week with reviews of Draft Day, Neighbors and more. I'll probably keep posting on Twitter, so stay posted there.

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