Sunday, May 18, 2014

'Godzilla' opens with massive $93.2 million, 'Neighbors' falls to second place at weekend box office

The summer box office train continues to roll as Godzilla became the second straight surprise hit of the season. The monster movie took in a massive $93.2 million this weekend, which is the most for a disaster movie and the most for a monster movie in Hollywood history. Godzilla's $93.2 million opening weekend is also the fourth highest for Legendary Pictures, only behind Man of Steel, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. I was slightly disappointed by the film (even though I still really, really enjoyed it) and it appears that audiences were a little let down as well. Godzilla received a "B+" Cinemascore, which hints at solid, but unspectacular word of mouth. Despite all of Godzilla's success, the mixture of lukewarm audience reception and the release of Fox's X-Men: Days of Future Past next weekend might prove fatal for the film. I'm betting on a finish around $220 million for the film.

Universal's Neighbors finished in second place this weekend, taking in $25.9 million. That's a relatively light 47% drop from last weekend, which indicates that Neighbors should end up staying strong in the coming weeks. The film has now taken in $91.5 million and will likely crawl its way to $150 million. Neighbors is currently ahead of The Hangover Part III, but way behind Ted and the original Hangover at the same time in their run.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 also continued its slow fall this weekend, finishing in third place with $16.8 million. That's a nice 53% drop from last weekend and solidifies the fact that Sony really needs to rethink their plans for Spidey. TASM2 has now grossed $172.1 million in the US and will probably crawl its way to $200 million. The worldwide grosses are looking much better: at this point, the film stands at $633.1 million worldwide. Still, the film needs an additional $120 million worldwide to top the first Amazing Spider-Man film. Even then, Sony still needs to change the budget for the sequels.

Fourth place belonged to the weekend's other new release, Disney's Million Dollar Arm. The inspirational baseball movie, which I really enjoyed, took in a disappointing $10.5 million this weekend. That's about half of what Miracle opened to back in 2004 and a major letdown for Disney. Studio chief Alan Horn has bragged about the film's off the charts test scores, yet the film received only an "A-" Cinemascore from audiences. Strange stuff. The film also received a pretty expansive marketing campaign, but it just wasn't enough. Unless word of mouth is great, expect this one to fizzle out. Too bad. It's a pretty good movie.

The Other Woman continued its solid run, finishing in fifth place this weekend with $6.3 million. The rom-com has now grossed $71.6 million, which is very impressive given the strong competition that it has faced. Expect this film to climb its way to $85 million. Heaven is for Real also kept its momentum going at the box office, taking in $4.4 million in sixth place to raise its overall total to $82.2 million. Heaven is for Real has turned a solid profit so far and will probably end up with $90 million.

Fox's Rio 2 finally managed to top Captain America: The Winter Soldier this weekend (it has spent several weekends only one or two places behind Cap), finishing in seventh place with $3.8 million. The animated sequel has now grossed $118 million. Captain America: The Winter Soldier finished in eighth place this weekend with $3.7 million. The megahit has now grossed $250.6 million in the US and has a worldwide total of $703.4 million.

Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return finished in ninth place this weekend, taking in $1.9 million. The animated flop has now grossed a paltry $6.5 million. And finally, Mom's Night Out rounded out the top ten with $1.9 million. The comedy has now grossed $7.3 million.

Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend, one of the biggest weekends of the year and X-Men: Days of Future Past and Blended are the new releases. Here are my early predictions for the four-day weekend:

1. X-Men: Days of Future Past- $126.6 million
2. Godzilla- $53.2 million
3. Blended- $31.3 million
4. Neighbors- $18.6 million
5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2- $13.2 million
6. Million Dollar Arm- $7.2 million
7. The Other Woman- $4.8 million
8. Heaven is for Real- $3.4 million
9. Rio 2- $2.6 million
10. Captain America: The Winter Soldier- $2.5 million

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