Sunday, June 29, 2014

'Transformers: Age of Extinction' dominates with $100 million at weekend box office

No film but Transformers: Age of Extinction was going to lead the box office this weekend. The big question was- would the film top $100 million? According to Paramount, it did. Age of Extinction topped the box office with exactly $100 million (it will be interesting to see if it actually grossed $100 million once the final results come in). That's a solid result, but it would have been more interesting to see the result if Age of Extinction had opened on Wednesday, like the other films in the series. The film also received an "A-" Cinemascore, which means that word of mouth will keep this film afloat. Also note that there is no major blockbuster being released on the Fourth of July weekend, which means that Transformers will be the top dog once again. 

However, the big news for Transformers came from the international markets, specifically China. The mega-blockbuster grossed an additional $201 million overseas, which is good for a $301 million worldwide opening. Age of Extinction had an especially stellar result in China. The film grossed $90 million in the country, which is the best ever for a foreign film. It's not surprising, considering that the film's final battle is set in the middle of Hong Kong and prominently features many Chinese products, but it's impressive nonetheless. 

Sony's 22 Jump Street finished in second place this weekend with $15.4 million. The R-rated comedy has now grossed $139.8 million in the US. The film passed its predecessor this weekend and will likely finish with $170 million. How to Train Your Dragon 2 stayed in third place this weekend and took in $13.1 million. The animated sequel has now grossed $121.8 million, which is shockingly low. The film was projected to go much higher and has had no direct competition. I can't say that I'm sad since the film isn't good, but it's a relatively surprising result. 

Think Like A Man Too dropped nearly 64% to fourth place this weekend and grossed $10.4 million. The comedy sequel has now grossed $48.1 million and is nearly $12 million behind its predecessor at the same point in its run. A very disappointing result, but not that surprising considering the sequel opened during the crowded Summer instead of the wide open Spring. If there is a third film, I wouldn't be surprised to see it released in the Spring. 

Disney's Maleficent finished in fifth place this weekend and took in $8.2 million. The revisionist fairy tale crossed the $200 million mark this weekend and has grossed exactly $201.8 million. If you haven't seen the film yet, don't. It's so incredibly bad. Clint Eastwood's Jersey Boys finished in sixth place and took in another $7.6 million. The musical has taken in $27.3 million so far and will probably end up with $50 million. 

The brilliant sci-fi film Edge of Tomorrow finished in seventh place this weekend with $5.2 million. The film is crawling its way to $100 million, with $84.1 million in the bank already. A finish around $90 million seems more reasonable at this point, but I would be very happy if Edge crossed the $100 million mark. The good news is that the film has taken in $318.6 million worldwide, which should help offset the $178 million budget. Hopefully this film gets some good word of mouth on home video and really takes off. I would love to see more films like Edge of Tomorrow

The Fault in Our Stars finished in eighth place this weekend and it took in another $4.8 million. Fox's romantic drama has crossed the $100 million mark and has grossed $109.5 million. Very impressive for a film that only cost $12 million to make. X-Men: Days of Future Past ended up in ninth place this weekend with a solid $3.3 million. The superhero hit has now grossed $223.3 million. And finally, Chef rounded out the top ten with $1.6 million. The indie hit has now grossed $19.4 million. 

Also, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 crossed the $200 million mark this weekend, becoming the fifth 2014 film to cross that mark. In addition to that, Radius-TWC's Snowpiercer grossed $162,100 in eight theaters and Begin Again took in $148,000 in five theaters. Both films will expand in the coming weeks. 

Next weekend sees the release of Tammy, Deliver Us From Evil and Earth to Echo. All of those films will be released on Wednesday. Begin Again and Snowpiercer are also expanding. Here are my predictions for the five-day weekend. 

1. Transformers: Age of Extinction- $65.7 million
2. Tammy- $32.8 million
3. Deliver Us From Evil- $28.6 million
4. 22 Jump Street- $12.1 million
5. Earth to Echo- $10.9 million
6. How To Train Your Dragon 2- $8.6 million
7. Jersey Boys- $8 million
8. Think Like A Man Too- $6.9 million
9. Edge of Tomorrow- $5.1 million
10. The Fault in Our Stars- $3.1 million

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