Friday, July 25, 2014

'Argo' screenwriter Chris Terrio in talks to pen 'Justice League' for Warner Bros.

Argo was my favorite film of 2012 (it still remains one of my all-time favorites) and one of the best things about that film was the terrific script by Chris Terrio. The film was very taut, but also extremely funny. The credit for that goes to both Terrio and director Ben Affleck, but most people immediately knew that Terrio would have a very successful screenwriting career. Since Argo, Terrio has signed on to write Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (which also stars Ben Affleck), and it appears that he's done such a great job that Warner Bros. wants him to write Justice League as well.

Deadline is reporting that Terrio is in talks with Warner Bros. to pen the script for Justice League, the Avengers-esque team-up that will likely hit theaters in 2017 or 2018. Word from Deadline is that the script for Dawn of Justice is terrific and that Warner Bros. wants Terrio to come on board for their DC Cinematic Universe. I believe that will be the case if the Batman v Superman script is as good as Deadline is reporting.
I'm very impressed that DC is rounding out their newly founded cinematic universe with talented folks and I'm excited that Terrio is coming on. He obviously works well with Affleck and I hope that the films end up being good. They're on the right rack at this point. If only they keep Zack Snyder in check with the insane amounts of destruction....

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