Sunday, July 20, 2014

'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' tops weak newcomers with $36 million at weekend box office

The summer box office has been quite disastrous so far this year. No film has crossed $300 million and there has only been film to gross over $100 million on its opening weekend (Transformers 4). July is typically the hottest movie-going month of the summer, yet there haven't been too many hits. The lack of big films allowed for Fox's Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to take the top spot again this weekend at the box office with $36 million. That's a relatively light 50% drop from last weekend. The film has grossed a stellar $138.9 million so far and it will likely end up as one of the summer's biggest hits. A final tally around $200 million is probable at this point.

Universal's The Purge: Anarchy finished in second place this weekend with $28.3 million. The action horror flick grossed less than its poorly received predecessor (The Purge debuted with $34 million- and a "C" Cinemascore), but managed to get a solid "B" Cinemascore, which indicates that audiences liked this one more than the first. I never saw The Purge, but I hated Anarchy and discourage you from seeing it. That being said, it will probably finish with around $80 million. Not bad for a film that cost only $9 million.

Third place belonged to Disney's Planes: Fire and Rescue, which debuted with a weak $18 million. That's less than Planes opened to last year ($22.2 million) and is quite the disappointing result for Disney. However, summer is far from over and with an "A" Cinemascore, word of mouth will be stellar. Still, I'm not sure if it's good enough to warrant a third film. Fire and Rescue cost $50 million, which isn't cheap. It did gross an additional $9 million overseas this weekend, but I'm not sure it'll be enough. We shall see.

Sony's Sex Tape was the big bomb this weekend, grossing only $15 million. For an R-rated comedy with a seemingly ubiquitous marketing campaign, that's an incredibly disappointing result. The film also received a disastrous "C+" Cinemascore, which means that Sex Tape is toast. The film cost around $40 million, which means that a worldwide total of $100 million is needed. I doubt that they'll be able to pull it out. Terrible reviews (20% on Rotten Tomatoes) and a surplus of R-rated comedies this summer (22 Jump Street and Neighbors are two of the biggest R-rated hits ever) probably contributed to the failure of Sex Tape. A final total around $40 million is likely.

Transformers: Age of Extinction finished in fifth place this weekend with $10 million. The action extravaganza has now grossed $227.1 million in the US, meaning that its final total will probably be around $250 million, which would make it the lowest grossing Transformers movie yet. However, its current worldwide total stands at $886.2 million, which is quite stellar. Age of Extinction will likely cross the $1 billion mark in a few weeks time. Tammy ended up in sixth place this weekend and took in $7.6 million. The poorly received comedy has now made $71.2 million and will likely push $90 million.

In seventh place was Sony's 22 Jump Street, which finished with $4.7 million. The hilarious R-rated comedy has now grossed $180.5 million. How To Train Your Dragon 2 finished in eighth place with $3.8 million, which was enough to raise the film's total to $160.6 million. Still a shockingly disappointing result. And the overseas box office hasn't been great either- the film has only made $384.5 million worldwide.

Maleficent ended up in ninth place this weekend with $3.3 million. The epic fantasy has now grossed $228.3 million and is definitely one of the surprise hits of the summer. And finally, Earth to Echo rounded out the top ten with $3.2 million. The film has now grossed $31.9 million. Not bad for a film that only cost $13 million to make.

Also, The Weinstein Company's Begin Again finished in eleventh place with $2.7 million, which is only a 2.1% drop from last weekend. The film has grossed $9.4 million so far. And Richard Linklater's Boyhood grossed $1.1 million in only 33 theaters. That's simply extraordinary. Zach Braff's Kickstarter project Wish I Was Here debuted this weekend with a lackluster $495,000. The film expands next weekend.

Next weekend sees the wide release of Hercules, Lucy, And So It Goes and The Fluffy Movie, the limited release of Magic in the Moonlight and A Most Wanted Man and the expansion of Wish I Was Here and Boyhood. Here are my predictions:

1. Lucy- $43.5 million
2. Hercules- $27.7 million
3. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes- $20 million
4. The Purge: Anarchy- $12.9 million
5. Planes: Fire and Rescue- $11 million
6. Sex Tape- $6.9 million
7. Transformers: Age of Extinction- $4.8 million
8. And So It Goes- $4.5 million
9. Tammy- $3.9 million
10. 22 Jump Street- $2.7 million

-The Fluffy Movie- $2.1 million
-Wish I Was Here- $1.4 million
-Boyhood- $2.6 million

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