Friday, July 25, 2014

Edgar Wright to follow up 'Baby Driver' with adaptation of 'Grasshopper Jungle' for Sony

It was recently announced that director Edgar Wright would tackle the crime comedy Baby Driver next, after his exit from the Marvel project Ant-Man. Baby Driver will probably round up its cast relatively soon and should be out in late 2015 or early 2016. However, it looks like that's not the only project that Wright is prepping for. Earlier today, THR (The Hollywood Reporter) reported that Wright will also be tackling Grasshopper Jungle, a novel adaptation for Sony.

Grasshopper Jungle is based on the YA novel by Andrew Smith, which follows a group of Iowa teenagers who accidentally cause a deadly plague that awakens an army of preying mantises. All of this was first reported by THR, but The Wrap noted that Wright will likely direct the film after Baby Driver, his next picture for Working Title. No confirmation has come from Sony, but Wright posted a Vine about the book, telling his followers to pick it up. That's confirmation for me.

Wright is one of Hollywood's best and brightest directors and I was deeply saddened to see him depart from Ant-Man. However, Baby Driver and Grasshopper Jungle sound infinitely more interesting than a superhero film about a man that can transform into an ant. Although I would have loved to see Wright's take on the film, I'd much rather he continue to make brilliant and unique genre films that defy all expectations. Both of Wright's upcoming projects are among my most anticipated films for the next few years.

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