Sunday, July 27, 2014

'Godzilla 2' officially announced with director Gareth Edwards set to return

DC and Marvel really disappointed this year at Comic-Con. Both studios failed to announce anything fresh or new and ended up only confirming things that we knew. However, Legendary Pictures actually did make some interesting surprise announcements and one of those surprises was Godzilla 2. The massive monster movie hit was going to get a sequel, but there were going to be a few speed bumps thanks to recent news. Director Gareth Edwards, who impressed audiences and critics with his reboot of Godzilla earlier this year, recently signed up to direct a Star Wars spin-off movie which will take up a large chunk of his time for the next few years. But it seems that Legendary has found a way to have Edwards direct this movie. They confirmed his return at Comic-Con.

During the Legendary Pictures Comic-Con panel, CEO Thomas Tull showed a quick video message from Gareth Edwards. In the video, Edwards gave a brief address to the SDCC crowd saying that he was taking a break from Godzilla to work on a "small sci-fi movie" (aka Star Wars), but he wanted to give a quick look at his next monster film. The clip showed grainy newsreel footage (similar to the opening credit scenes from Godzilla) and revealed that Rodan, Mothra and Ghidorah will all appear in future Godzilla sequels. Those three classic Toho monsters will likely appear in Godzilla 2 and future team-up movies and that's an exciting prospect. Nothing else was revealed about Godzilla 2, but I would expect it to hit theaters in summer 2018 thanks to Edwards' commitment to Star Wars. No word on the cast yet since the film is so far out. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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