Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Marvel announces another mystery film for 2018

Marvel Studios recently announced a bunch of releases dates that go all the way out to 2019. There were three dates announced for 2017, two for 2018 and one for 2019. Well, we can now add another date to that list as Marvel has now announced that another new film will hit theaters on May 4, 2018. That raises the total of 2018 films to three and means that Marvel will probably be doing three movies a year from now on. Also, what's interesting is that the May 2018 date was originally taken by The Amazing Spider-Man 4. With that film now indefinitely delayed, Marvel can swoop in and take that spot. The questions now is: what movies will fill these spots?

I speculated in the previous article about what the films might be. This new date adds a whole different layer to things. We know that Doctor Strange is likely coming in 2016. I'm also betting on Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor sequels in 2017. Avengers 3 is going to hit theaters at some point. We'll also probably get a Black Panther movie at some point and then after that, it's up for grabs. Black Widow could get a spin-off, Iron Man 4 could happen, Doctor Strange 2, Ant-Man 2, Guardians 3- it's all possible. We might know by Comic-Con. I'm betting that we hear the release dates all the way up to Avengers 3. Here are my current predictions (predicted dates in bold):

-Guardians of the Galaxy- August 1, 2014
-Avengers: Age of Ultron- May 1, 2015
-Ant-Man- July 17, 2015
-Captain America 3- May 6, 2016
-Doctor Strange- July 8, 2016
-Thor 3- May 5, 2017
-Guardians of the Galaxy 2- July 27, 2017
-Black Panther- November 3, 2017
-Avengers 3- May 4, 2018
-Black Widow and Hawkeye- July 6, 2018
-Ms. Marvel- November 2, 2018
-Guardians of the Galaxy 3- May 3, 2019

Like I said, those are just my guesses, but I'm definitely confident in most of my picks. Guardians of the Galaxy is a franchise now and with the Infinity Gauntlet coming into play, the Guardians are surely going to play a huge part. Ms. Marvel is questionable, but female superheros are the next step for Marvel. And finally, Black Panther and Black Widow have to happen. They just do.

Those are my predictions for Marvel's movie slate. The odds are, we'll know quite a few after Comic-Con. Come back on Saturday for new info about Marvel's upcoming movie slate.

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