Friday, September 5, 2014

Richard Attenborough dies at age 90

This is coming a little late considering that beloved actor/director Richard Attenborough died almost two weeks ago, but I've been very busy and I still very much feel the need to write something about him. Attenborough was a prolific actor and director, appearing in films such as Elizabeth, Doctor Doolittle, Hamlet, and most famously, Jurassic Park. He also directed many classic films like Chaplin, A Chorus Line and the Oscar-winning drama Gandhi. On August 24th, he died at the age of 90. No cause of death was officially announced, but I believe it's safe to presume that Attenborough died of natural causes. He will surely be missed.

I knew Attenborough best from Jurassic Park. His performance in that film is iconic and he perfectly captures the character. " Jurassic Park!" is such an awesome and brilliant line and it makes for a mesmerizing, memorable moment. While Attenborough was most certainly a terrific actor, some of his more distinguished achievements were in the field of directing. Gandhi won eight Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actor. While I've never completed the film in its entirety, what I've seen from it is quite brilliant. All in all, Attenborough was a monumental talent and the world of cinema will definitely mourn his passing. 

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