Monday, January 26, 2015

'American Sniper' leads again with record-breaking $64.3 million at weekend box office

American Sniper has been one of the year's biggest surprises at the box office so far this year, grossing a stellar $107.3 million in its first four days. Sniper had another incredibly impressive showing this past weekend, grossing $64.3 million. That's a mere 28% drop from its debut weekend, and the film's total now stands at $200.1 million. According to many pundits, American Sniper is on track to gross more than $350 million and become the highest grossing film of 2014 (Sniper is technically a 2014 film, since it debuting in four theaters at the end of the year). Sniper's second weekend was also the eighth-highest grossing of all time, behind a slew of superhero properties.

Universal's The Boy Next Door was the top newcomer of the weekend, pulling in $15 million in second place. The Jennifer Lopez thriller received a poor "B-" Cinemascore, but it only cost $4 million to make, so all is good for Universal. In third place was Paddington, which grossed $12.3 million this weekend. The surprise family hit has snagged $40 million so far, an impressive showing for the $70 million British import. 

The Wedding Ringer finished in fourth place with $11.6 million. That's only a 44% drop from last weekend, which means that this film has legs. The R-rated comedy has now grossed $39.6 million. Not as impressive as some of Kevin Hart's previous debuts, but solid nonetheless. Fox's Taken 3 continued to impress in fifth place with $7.6 million. The atrocious action thriller has grossed $76 million thus far and will likely cross the $100 million mark before the end of its run.

The Imitation Game has held better than most of the major Oscar contenders. This weekend, the British drama grossed $7.1 million in seventh place, which is up 4.9% from last weekend. The film has now made $60.6 million. Disney's Strange Magic was one of the other new releases this weekend, but it did not fare well. The bizarre, poorly reviewed kids flick snagged $5.5 million in over 3,000 theaters, for one of the worst wide debuts ever. The film also received a poor "B-" Cinemascore, which means that this one is going to crash and burn.

Paramount's Selma continued its solid run in eighth place with $5.5 million. Unlike American Sniper and Imitation Game, Selma has not been able to build off its Oscar buzz. The film has grossed $39.2 million thus far. Lionsgate's Mortdecai was the final wide release of the week, and it flopped hard. The Johnny Depp comedy grossed $4.1 million in ninth place, one of the actor's worst debuts ever. The "C+" Cinemascore and terrible reviews also indicate that nobody has liked this one so far. Odds are that we won't ever hear from this one again. And finally, Into the Woods rounded out the top ten with $3.8 million. The film has grossed $121.4 million. 

Next weekend sees the release of Project Almanac, The Loft and Black or White. Here are my predictions:

1. American Sniper- $48 million
2. Project Almanac- $18 million
3. Paddington- $9.1 million
4. The Wedding Ringer- $7.5 million
5. The Imitation Game- $7.3 million
6. The Boy Next Door- $6.7 million
7. Taken 3- $4.6 million
8. The Loft- $4.5 million
9. Black or White- $3.8 million
10. Selma- $3.6 million

Image Credits: Rama Screen, /ABC News,  Hollywood Reporter, Screen Rant

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