Thursday, January 8, 2015

First trailer for Marvel's 'Ant-Man' debuts

Ant-Man is one of the biggest question marks of 2015. It's a Marvel movie and the superhero studio seems unstoppable at this point, but there are a ton of concerns. Firstly, acclaimed and beloved director Edgar Wright left the project in summer 2014 after creative differences with Marvel. That immediately put up a red flag for many fans, who were incredibly excited to see Wright's take on the superhero film. Many directors came and left the project, but in the end, Yes Man director Peyton Reed signed on to helm the film (Anchorman director Adam McKay rewrote the script). Ant-Man was then rushed into production and is now debuting its first trailer. Fan excitement for this one is at an all-time low. Did the trailer do anything to make fans more intrigued? Watch the trailer below:

This trailer did absolutely nothing for me. Ant-Man is a movie that could end up being good, but my confidence level is even lower after watching the trailer. Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd look fine and the supporting cast is good. However, I wasn't convinced by any of the action or special effects, and the humor just wasn't there. Fan reaction has seemingly been mixed and I'm not surprised by that. This could definitely be Marvel's first misfire. The marketing campaign has been an interesting mix of completely flat humor (like the "ant-size" teaser trailer and the teaser poster) and a boring trailer. We'll see if anything can come from this movie, but my hopes are not high. Ant-Man is directed by Peyton Reed and stars Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll and Michael Pena and will hit theaters on July 17, 2015.

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