Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bradley Cooper in talks to direct and star in remake of 'A Star is Born'

For the last few years, we've heard many rumors and developments about Warner Bros.' remake of the classic musical, A Star is Born. The iconic Judy Garland flick is ripe for a modern update, and it seems like everyone has been involved in the project at one point or another. For a very long time, Clint Eastwood was supposed to be directing the film, but nothing was ever heard again about Eastwood's update of the project (Eastwood moved on and did Jersey Boys later, so I guess he got his musical fix). Beyonce was also involved with the project for a very long time, but she eventually departed after her pregnancy. However, it looks like the project is getting a new start with a very big star at the helm.

According to Deadline, Bradley Cooper is in talks to direct and star in the remake of A Star is Born. As soon as the deal gets done, Warner Bros. hopes to approach Beyonce about rejoining the film's cast. Deadline also reports that Eastwood had discussed this role with Cooper (who he directed in American Sniper), so all of this makes a lot of sense. Will Fetters wrote the current draft of the script, but some rewrites are a sure thing for this flick. Cooper is currently filming David O. Russell's Joy and the Netflix show, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. With only a few small projects on tap, it shouldn't be too long before Cooper starts working on this film. I'm very excited for a modern update of A Star is Born and I think that Cooper and Beyonce will make for a solid pair. This will be an interesting project to follow going forward, and I'm betting that Warner Bros. will position this as a major Oscar player in 2016.

Source: Deadline via Rope of Silicon
Image Credits: Song Book 1 (Word Press)

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