Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Original 'Batman' TV show will receive movie adaptation with Adam West and Burt Ward

Believe it or not, Batman wasn't always quite so dark. The post-9/11 era of American blockbusters and Christopher Nolan took Batman in a grimy, pitch black new direction to the hero and had a lot of success with The Dark Knight trilogy. Tim Burton's Batman also had a bit of an edge to him, but if you go back to the origins of Batman in the entertainment industry, it was as goofy as possible. The 1960's Batman TV show features a heavy dose of campy entertainment and introduced a lot of silly members of the Batman Rogues Gallery. I watched a little bit of the 1960's Batman when I was a kid, but it also felt like something for a very young audience. It seems like Warner Bros. (who retained the rights to the series) and stars Adam West and Burt Ward have realized this and will move forward with a bunch of new projects.

At the Mad Monster Party in my hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, West and Ward announced that they will be commemorating the 50th Anniversary with a new 90 minute animated film. Ward also hinted that there could be a second film, which is quite exciting. Batman is my favorite superhero and I love seeing different iterations on the character. I hope that this new animated flick goes to theaters, because I think that it would really clean up at the box office. The campy animated Batman will certainly not be on par with the live-action flicks, but I'm just hoping for a good bit of fun. In all likelihood, this new animated movie will debut in early 2016, and as Adam Holmes noted at Cinemablend, just around the same time as Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

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