Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sony working on '21 Jump Street' cinematic universe with planned sequels and crossovers

Cinematic universe is the favorite phrase of every studio executive right now. I'm not even kidding. Ever since Marvel kicked off the new age of Hollywood blockbusters back in 2008 with Iron Man, studios have scrambled to find a new way to bring together different franchises and series while making absurd profits. Since that point, Marvel has expanded to become a massive juggernaut for Disney, DC is working on a series of cross-overs and solo pics, Universal is intent on creating a Classic Monsters Cinematic Universe, Sony is making multiple Ghostbusters films and the list goes on and on. Sony, now in deep trouble after last year's leaks and the loss of Spider-Man, is also working to find a way to continue to expand their hit franchises in addition to Ghostbusters. Instead of original blockbusters, Sony is ready to find a way to make 21 Jump Street the latest film franchise with a cinematic universe.

21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street both defied expectations at the box office and saw surprising critical success. However, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller seemed to end the franchise with the credits sequence for 22 Jump Street, which featured a parody of Hollywood's franchise culture and the desire to market everything for a wide audience. But when a movie makes as much as 22 Jump made, there's little question that a sequel will be heading down the pipeline. Many originally supposed that there would simply be a 23 Jump Street with Lord and Miller not in the director's chair. And that film is in the works, but the franchise doesn't end there. 

The Wrap is now reporting that Sony is planning to expand their Jump Street franchise in a very similar way to what they're doing with Ghostbusters- with a female-led spin-off and a big cross-over flick. The female Jump Street film will be written by Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs, but there's no other word on the film. The other planned film is a crossover movie with the Men in Black franchise, which was hinted at in the leaked Sony emails. Once again, nothing planned officially on that one but Sony is actively developing both of these films. 

As a big fan of the Jump Street franchise, I'm excited to see how this new universe pans out. I'm especially pumped for the Men in Black crossover, which seems like an absolutely perfect idea. However, if the franchise doesn't at least acknowledge the fact that they seemingly promised not to do a bunch of sequels, I'll be very disappointed. That being said, I'm interested to get more information on these massive plans for the Jump Street franchise.

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